Make Your Whole Presentation a Story

We all know that after listening to a presentation we frequently don’t remember the key points and how they fit together. I was just in a workshop where we practiced repeating or rephrasing what someone said. It became obvious that the people who talked in a more story manner were easier to remember. People who talked without setting up a story or some type of structure were very difficult even to paraphrase. This experience further convinced me that “storytelling” is the way to go. Here’s a very simple storytelling model designed so people can better remember what you said during a presentation.



Context: We are losing millions due to the inefficient manufacturing processes.
Before: Our products now take twice as long to get to market as our competition.
Plot Point: We propose to modernize our manufacturing processes.
After: This modernization will let us cut in half our time to market with new products.
Wrap Up: This is easily achievable and we believe we can increase sales by 20%.


Context: Never underestimate the power of transformation.
Before: As a child I lived in poverty in Columbia.
Plot Point: Through miraculous events I came to the US and attended university.
After: Although living in the US, I have created and built a pre-school in my town in Columbia so the children can be educated and rise out of poverty.
Wrap Up: Your $500 contribution fully supports one child for one year.

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