Compare Using the Same Criteria

Dec 17, 2019 | 1

I frequently see slides that compare vendors, products or systems. The presenter is trying to make it easy for the audience to compare features and then discuss a decision. Here are 3 slides listing certain real estate features. The features on each slide are not in order, nor are all the same features on each slide. It is impossible for an audience to make a decision with these types of slides.

Your audience needs clear guidance, like the slide below, to make a decision. First of all, this slide has all three choices on one slide. Second, the slide uses criteria to evaluate each choice. The “MUST” criteria are essential. If the choice does not have all the “MUSTS,” then it should not be considered.

Then there are the “WANT” criteria. These are nice to have, but not totally essential. With this slide the audience can easily compare features and have a real discussion.

Use this type of analysis to help your audience make a decision.

Here is another analysis about choosing a job offer. For situations that require a more complex analysis, you can see how to weight the “WANTS”:

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