Slide Design

Claudyne's awareness of how people receive and filter messages in a media-intensive world coupled with practical, useful tools to build presentations that cut through the clutter and deliver effective actionable messages was a real benefit to me. In the world of start-ups and quick-pitch venture financing, her techniques and coaching helped make the small window of opportunity become a wide-open door.

John Kalb | Founder | Home Preferred

Create Professional Slides Are you using boring, confusing, data-driven slides that do not get to the message? We design a professional-looking deck of 20-25 slides specifically for key presentations. more »
Design a Presentation Are you running around in circles without the assistance you need to create a fantastic presentation? We’ll help you design a presentation from start to delivery! We especially help you with the content and look of your executive summaries.more »
Redesign Your Slides Are you still not happy with the slides for your presentation? You want something more, but aren’t sure what. We redesign the slides to focus on the theme, key messages and objectives of your presentation.more »

Presentation feedback and coaching tool.
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