Create Professional Slides

Are you using boring, confusing, data-driven slides that don’t get to the message? Wilder will design a professional-looking deck of 20-25 slides specifically for your company. This deck includes layouts, backgrounds and formats easily customizable for all your presentations.

When should you pay for 20 to 25 professional-looking slides?

  • When you’ve seen your potential customers’ glazed expressions when watching your slides. You don’t want to see that look any more!
  • When you want ideas on how to replace text with charts, tables and graphics, or when your charts are just too busy.
  • When your group gives project updates to upper management who has said they are not pleased with the amount and organization of the data. If you had better slides, your people could organize their data more quickly, logically and efficiently.
  • You watched someone spend two days putting together a slide deck as decorated as a Christmas tree. Your people definitely need some professional-looking slides that persuade the audience instead of shocking them with colors and animations.

How does it work?

  1. Send us two or three presentations.
  2. We suggest the type of slides you need to make your points clearly and concisely and send you some examples.
  3. We create slides in the look and feel of your company’s template and colors. We also design additional slides as needed.

You say, “but we can do all that ourselves”

  • Yes, you can but have you seen how very smart people create unreadable and not-understandable charts in PowerPoint?
  • Yes, you can but have you thought that maybe your people should be doing the real work they are being paid to do?
  • Yes, you can but have you noticed that the end result of the slides rarely matches the company look and feel?

Hi there, just wanted to report that all of our presentations using the template you originally created for us were a great success. We got 90% 5 out of 5 on the evaluations and my presentation in particular. Thanks so much for all of your support and your help. I could not have done it without you!!Laura Klein, President, Gut Marketing

Here is what you will receive

Charts, trend charts, bulleted lists, text and images, specialized images custom made for key topics. These layouts will not only save time; they will also make it easier for your people to mix and match slides from one presentation to another.

  • Backgrounds: One or two consistently designed backgrounds (for example, one white and one watermarked). With a consistent look, your audiences will recognize your company and its professionalism.
  • Formats: Specific ways to organize data for different types of presentations. When creating a sales presentation, for example, follow an outline that saves time and effort and presents information for maximum impact. For a project update, use another type of outline.