Redesign Your Existing Slides

The presentation is critical, but despite weeks of work it’s still not good enough. Wilder will redesign it for you to give it the professional spark and content focus it lacks.

When do you need a professional redesign of a presentation’s slides?

  • When you’re frustrated because your message isn’t coming across.
  • When you want to reduce and reorganize the technical information on your slides.
  • When you have something exciting to say, but your slides aren’t helping you get to the message.
  • When you need templates and backgrounds that portray the excitement of the message.
  • When the slides need to look more professional and make it easy for the presenter to deliver the information.
  • When the customer conference is coming up and you want to be sure all the presentations have a professional look and feel.
  • When your presentation is not as cutting edge as your competition’s.

You choose the focus

Three options: storyboard the message, redesign the slides, or both.

Option 1: Storyboard the message

  • Deliverable: We put comments and notes on your slides on how to focus the content and messages. We include ideas on how to redesign the slides.

Option 2: Redesign the slides

Deliverable: We revise the slides so they sizzle and enhance your message. (Although it is not our focus, we may offer suggestions about slide content.)

Option 3: Both storyboard and redesign

  • We work with you from reorganizing the content to redesigning the slides.
  • Deliverable: revised presentation with redesigned professional-looking slides.
    We always end up creating executive summaries for our clients. Below is an executive summary for The Nature Conservancy.

Conference Presentation Success Story

I called Claudyne at the last minute for help with a slide redesign. I was trying to “up my game” from presenting to a group of 20 in a standard workshop format to presenting to a group of nearly 200 in a ballroom. I wanted to give a polished splash that could stand out in a large event. Thanks to Claudyne my presentation was a success – dare I say a “Wilder” success?

Nina Coil, Director of Product Development, Linkage