Claudyne is one of the most expert presentation coaches I’ve ever met. I’ve seen executives transform into more confident, articulate, engaging communicators in one session with Claudyne. It’s amazing to watch her work. The results are both compelling and inspiring!

Carol C. Malysz | Vice President | New Directions

Executive Coaching Focused on executives who want to dramatically enhance their persuasive and motivating presenting behaviors. We also offer just-in-time coaching before a presentation.more »
Team Coaching Teaches the team how to use the 3D processes of presenting from developing the content with executive summaries, to designing the slides and then to professionally presenting as a team. We work with executive teams preparing for their annual leadership conference.more »
Individual Coaching Customized coaching tailored to the individual’s specific needs. Coaching frequently coincides with a “real-world” presentation. And we frequently help refocus, edit and re-create the PowerPoint slides.more »

Presentation feedback and coaching tool.
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