Individual/Entrepreneurial Presentation Coaching

Do you need customized coaching tailored to your specific needs? You can schedule your sessions to coincide with a “real-world” presentation.


When does individual coaching make sense?

  • When you need to become a more enthusiastic, concise and convincing presenter.
  • When you’ve been told you include too much detail in your presentations.
  • When you have taken on a new position and will be presenting to new audiences. (For example, you now have to present to strategic partners and major customers.)
  • When you are “pretty good,” but have been told that you could be so much better with a little coaching.
  • When you have limited time and don’t want to take a workshop.

Choose Your 3D Focus

Develop: Do you want to develop more audience-focused content?
message-oriented slides: Do you need slides that help you get to the point—quickly and concisely?
Deliver with the appropriate emotion: Do you want to deliver a persuasive, energetic presentation that motivates the audience to engage with you in a dialogue?

Success Story 1

Rosalie: An entrepreneur putting together an investor presentation
“I have a great idea and I want to raise some capital. I can deliver the talk, but I need some help with focusing the content and creating the slides.”

Here’s what Rosalie changed as a result of her coaching:

Content focus

  • Rosalie organized and focused her content using Wilder’s presentation overview, executive summaries and investor relations format structure.
  • We storyboarded the key messages to make her story streamlined, crisp and investor oriented.

Slide design

  • Rosalie said, “I want a calm-soothing appearance to my slides.”
  • Working with Claudyne and one of Wilder’s designers, we created a theme image and a look and feel for the presentation as a whole; then applied it to each slide.

Coaching results

Rosalie’s slides had the exact look and feel she needed to portray to her potential investors. After her presentation she said, “I’m selling a concept and the slides look helped my audience understand my vision for elderly care.”

Success Story 2

Carl: A physician/researcher who presents at scientific conferences
“I want to be more engaging at the scientific conferences where I give presentations on the efficacy of our surgical treatments in the hospital.”

Here’s what Carl changed as a result of this coaching:

Nonverbal behavior

  • Carl started standing beside or in front of the podium—and when behind the podium, he stopped hanging on to it for dear life.
  • Now Carl makes eye contact with people in all parts of the room.
  • He uses his hands when talking.


  • Carl gives an executive summary of his research when starting his presentation—then gets into the details.
  • He has learned how to point out only key numbers on the gigantic tables the audience expects to see.

Coaching results

Carl said, “Finally, I felt my presentation at this year’s conference was better than most. People complimented me on my extensive research. No one walked out of my talk!”