10 Steps to Your Success

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The following are some of the most common concerns people have when asked to make presentations. Enter numbers between 0 and 5 with 5 being the best. Then see where you can improve your Presentation skills in the “Ten Steps to Success.”

1. I do not appear nervous sounding and acting. out of 5
2. My objectives are clear and concise: I have a format for my objectives. out of 5
3. I am organized, and do not give too many details. out of 5
4. My visuals enhance the talk. out of 5
5. My delivery and speaking look and sound confident. out of 5
6. I keep the group’s interest. out of 5
7. I conclude with conviction and excitement. out of 5
8. I know how to answer difficult questions. out of 5
9. My recommendations are organized and presented with conviction. out of 5
10. I do not miss vital information when I talk. out of 5
How you did: out of 50

10 to 20 points:Don’t present until you build up your confidence and knowledge. Get some training first. Find an excellent presentation coach. Make a plan on how to truly improve and feel great in front of an audience. Go for it! You will have to present all your life.

20 to 30 points: You need training and lots of practice. Consider if you need more help in developing a presentation, designing the visuals, or delivering the message. Then click the appropriate link to begin your training. Don’t procrastinate–your presentation success can make or break your career.

30 to 40 points: You’re getting there. Look over the list and pick two steps that, once you improve, will make your audience pleased to be listening to you.

40 to 50 points: You are an excellent presenter-your audiences must like to listen to you. Now go back and pick one step that you can focus on during your next presentation to improve even more.

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