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Energize Yourself

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As laptop presentations become more and more sophisticated with colors, builds and sounds, the presenter has to keep up with the screen image. If the screens are animated, the presenter needs to be animated. If the screens have interesting sounds, the presenter’s voice needs to be enthusiastic and lively. That is the nature of the presentation world today. Far too often the VP is speaking at a conference in which the multimedia overpowers the VP. It is almost impossible to read a speech in such a way as to be effective when the speech is juxtaposed against animated lively screens. Step 5 is about Energizing Yourself. If you want to be an effective presenter here are the four “musts.”

  • Practice out loud. You must practice your presentation out loud several times before you actually give it to the real audience. You must practice the phrases, the timing of the screens and the words you will emphasize during your talk. This is a must. If you spend too much time creating your slides, you won’t have time to practice. Practice out loud just as if you were doing the real presentation. Your confidence and poise will increase.
  • Gesture. You don’t want to stand still in one place with your arms either on the podium or by your side. To get your nervous energy focused in the appropriate direction, gesture. Do move around and not stand in one place. Take two or three steps at the same time; do not take one step at a time. Why? You look uneasy if you sway from foot to foot. When you take several steps at one time you look confident. Do keep your hands empty, unless you are holding the remote mouse. Do use a lavaliere wireless microphone so you can move around.
  • Take a walk. If you are tired the day of your talk, take a walk around the block. Get out and do something physical. You won’t feel like it but you will be more energized and alive when presenting. For many people if they eat lots of carbohydrates the day of their talk they will feel more sluggish. Figure out what helps you to be physically alive and alert. Then do it.
  • Visualize your success. Over and over again see yourself getting up in front of your audience and doing a fantastic job. See yourself calmly and enthusiastically starting your talk looking out at your audience. See yourself pausing to emphasize words. See yourself energetically walking around. See yourself giving a clear, strong conclusion. As you visualize your success feel your body calm inside.

Athletes, dancers, actors all prepare for their “performances.” As a presenter, you owe yourself this preparation. You want to be the best you can be and that takes practice ahead of time. Also, visualize your success seeing yourself speaking confidently and answering questions with ease.

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