Get to the Message

Get to the Message Speech

Ask the expert to give a speech on the secrets of “getting to the message.” Claudyne Wilder takes an audience through one or all of the 3D’s of presenting: develop, design, and deliver. In the workshop portion of the session, the audience practices Wilder’s successful presentation techniques.


From half an hour to four hours, depending on customized individual and small-group exercises.

Choose Your 3D Focus

Today’s presenters must learn how to get to the message quicker. They must know how to create slides to enhance the message, not be the message. Claudyne’s speech, delivered in the setting of your choice, focuses on one or all of the 3 D’s of presenting:

  • Develop content focused on the audience and your objective.
  • Design professional-looking, message-oriented slides.
  • Deliver a confident, connected, dialogue-oriented presentation.


  • Learn from an entertaining and educational speech.
  • Find out how to save hours of time putting together a presentation using Wilder’s processes and models.
  • The session can include a workshop during which the audience practices some of the Wilder techniques.

When does a “Get to the Message Speech” make sense?

  • You don’t have time for a full-blown presentation skills workshop, but your organization needs help now.
  • You want to include a presentation segment at your offsite staff meeting. You need to reinforce the corporate competency of effective communication.
  • You want to provide top management with a high-level overview of the presentation skills their employees are learning at the Get to the Message two-day workshop.
  • You are rolling out a comprehensive communication program.
  • You are responsible for creating the agenda for a professional association’s meeting.
  • You want to give your salespeople a two-hour training session at the next sales meeting.


Each speech/workshop can be customized for your audience’s needs and interests. Choose how much of each “D” you want.

From half an hour to four hours, depending on customized individual and small-group exercises.