Get to the Message

Get to the Message

This one- or two-day boot camp is complete with pre-work using TorchMetrics—an innovative online presentation feedback and coaching system. Torchmetrics then becomes the presenter’s customized speaking coach for one year—at no charge.

“Wilder Presentations has significantly improved my presentation skills. Claudyne was able to teach me several skills which have greatly enhanced my confidence and credibility. My presentations are now structured, succinct, and appropriate for my audience.”
Heather Ermarth, The Nature Conservancy

What’s Special About This Workshop

  • Whole brain focused: Participants learn how to organize and focus content speaking with an executive summary. They also practice telling a story that motivates and engages the audience.
  • Real-work: Participants use one of their real-work projects in the workshop as practice presentations.
  • Practice: Each participant gives six to seven live-fire presentations, followed by rigorous instructor coaching and peer critique. 
  • Practice and more practice: Using Wilder’s slides and speaker notes, each participant presents a portion of the talk on Getting to the Message. Participants actually teach each other how to present.
  • Just-in-time coaching: Participants practice what it takes to move to a more advanced level of speaking.
  • DVD feedback: All presentations and critiques are recorded on a DVD, and after every presentations participants watch their DVD.
  • Executive summary: Participants learn how to create an executive summary of their content—and use it as the opening slide. (Executive summaries replace agendas.)
  • Action plan: Each participant receives a personalized executive-presence action plan that lists strengths and provides guidance on changing specific nonexecutive behaviors.
  • TorchMetrics: Participants receive honest feedback from colleagues and peers, get coaching and check for improvement.

*TorchMetrics is an innovative online coaching tool that provides presenters with honest feedback from their audience, highlights strengths and action-areas, and tracks improvement over time. Effectively it is your own personal speaking coach in the palm of your hand.

Real-Work Practice

Participants practice and refine real-work presentations they bring to the workshop. Besides redoing slides and receiving feedback on their “after” slides, they receive slide designs to use in future presentations.


Managers, technical specialists and customer service professionals in sales, marketing, strategic planning, finance and human resources. Maximum of 10 participants.

“Thank you for inviting me to your class. It was really great and exceeded all my expectations. I think you are the best-kept secret in Boston and I am highly recommending you to people at MIT.”


Move participants up to the next level of presenting, where their formal and informational communications will advance both company and professional objectives:

  • Create message-oriented rather than data-driven presentations.
  • Convey a sophisticated level of information without excess detail.
  • Demonstrate command of content, concise communication and real-time response.
  • Strengthen a work-team culture of communication rigor and excellence.

This workshop can be tailored to provide tips and techniques on presenting to a global audience. It can also include practice for webinars.

Every participant receives:


DVD recording of each presentation, including the live coaching


TorchMetrics: On-line presentation 360 feedback and coaching tool


Personalized action plan detailing presentation strengths and areas for improvement


Professional slides in the company look and feel

Use TorchMetrics for One Year—Your Customized Speaking Coach

TorchMetrics offers focused presentation surveys with coaching sheets for each question. Here are some examples of TorchMetrics screens.


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