Demonstrate Executive Presence

Executive Presence Intensive Workshop

This intense and comprehensive workshop includes pre-work using TorchMetrics—Claudyne Wilder’s innovative online presentation feedback and coaching system. This personalized workshop is designed to move your senior managers and executives to the highest executive presence presentation-skill level. For one year after the workshop, participants will have free use of Torchmetrics, their online customized speaking coach.

This workshop focuses on developing, designing and delivering: the three major skills executives need to persuasively sell themselves and their ideas using a concise and focused message. Participants learn to take advantage of their strengths and correct their weaknesses in each skill area.

What’s Special about This Workshop

  • Whole-brain focused: Executives learn how to organize and focus content speaking with an executive summary. They also practice telling a story that motivates and engages the audience.
  • Storytelling focused: Using the storytelling job aid executives practice telling a story within the talk as well as making the talk a story.
  • Message-oriented: Executives learn how to get to the message using an executive summary—then stop talking.
  • Practice: Each executive does four live-fire mini-presentations followed by rigorous instructor coaching and peer critique.
  • Just-in-time coaching: Executives practice what it takes to move to an advanced level of speaking.
  • Feedback: Executives get feedback on a real-work presentation. After every presentation, executives watch themselves on DVD.
  • Action plan: Each executive receives a personalized executive-presence action plan that lists strengths and provides guidance on changing specific nonexecutive behaviors.
  • TorchMetrics*: Executives receive honest feedback from colleagues and peers, plus coaching and a way to check for continuous improvement.
  • Slide analysis: Executives learn how slides can enable or stifle an executives’ presentation delivery.(If appropriate, slide critique and slide redo recommendations)

*TorchMetrics is an innovative online coaching tool that provides presenters with honest feedback from their audience, highlights strengths and action-areas, and tracks improvement over time. Effectively it is your own personal speaking coach in the palm of your hand.

Real-Work Practice

Executives work with a past or future work presentation. They receive feedback on what is or is not “executive-oriented” about their content and delivery style.


1 day (2-day option available).

Follow-up consultation (optional)

  • 30-minute follow-up call to discuss how to continue to implement a customized action plan.
  • Individual coaching and/or coaching on the PowerPoint slides for a specific presentation.


Executives and senior managers. Maximum of 8.


Participants practice and strengthen their ability to:

  • Tell a brief story using dialogue, transitional phrases and pauses.
  • Create message-oriented rather than data-driven presentations.
  • Convey sophisticated, high-level information without excess detail.
  • Communicate concisely and suggest real-time recommendations.
  • Create executive summaries that get to the point.
  • Explain and show how PowerPoint slides can enable or stifle an executive’s presentation. (If appropriate, slide critique and slide redo recommendations)

Every participant receives:


DVD recording of each presentation, including the live coaching


TorchMetrics: On-line presentation 360 feedback and coaching tool


Personalized action plan detailing presentation strengths and areas for improvement


Professional slides in the company look and feel