Team Coaching: Functional or Cross-Functional

Stop wasting valuable team time and improve professionalism with customized team coaching. We’ll schedule your sessions to coincide with “real-world” presentations.


When does team coaching make sense?

  • When you don’t have a lot of time and your team needs to get several presentations done.
  • The last time your team went to all the work to create presentations, the results were less than you had hoped.
  • You want someone outside your group to tell some of these detail people that they’re boring their audience.

Choose Your 3D Focus

Develop: Does your team want a streamlined process for choosing the structure and content of a presentation? Do team members want to save hours of content-reorganization time?
Design: Does your team need a process and a creative boost to show the right number of slides that clearly and concisely illustrate the message?
Deliver: Do team members want to individually impress their audience while showing how well they work together?

Success Story

The Leadership Team presents at the company conference
One executive said, “I am not happy with what happened at our company conference. I want all of us to look and sound like a team this year.”

Here’s what the team changed as a result of Claudyne’s coaching and her stellar graphic designer’s new slides.


  • We put together a structure for each of the 15 presentations. By organizing the content so everyone knew exactly what to present, the team saved hours of time—both individually and in team discussion sessions.
  • Each presenter was limited to five slides. (Only one person went overboard and made ten slides instead of five—and he had to delete them.)
  • We coached team members on how to edit each other’s content so they could build on previous segments of the joint presentation.


  • Every presenter was given professional-looking slide designs to use.
  • All the slides were created with the same look and feel, yet different enough to add visual interest and a change of pace.
  • After the conference the company used these slide designs for other presentations.


  • Every presenter practiced twice in front of the whole group of executives.
  • The entire team did a dress rehearsal.
  • Team members were given customized action plans recommending behaviors to continue, start or stop doing in order to look and sound confident.

Coaching results

After a successful conference presentation, here’s what several executives said:

“We looked and sounded like an executive team. We convinced them that we can lead the company into the future.”