Executive Presentation Coaching

Our focus is on executives who want to dramatically enhance their persuasive and motivating presentation behaviors. We also offer just-in-time coaching before a presentation.

Claudyne has a unique ability to help you shape your ideas into compelling presentations for a wide variety of audiences. For customers or internal audiences, no matter the topic, if you can tell her your goal, she’ll help get you there with successful results.

Lee Whitmore, Director, Educational Market Solutions, Avid


When does individual executive coaching make sense? When the executive:

  • Must become a more persuasive and convincing presenter.
  • Must learn to cut out the unnecessary, irrelevant details and communicate only the key messages.
  • Needs someone outside the company to provide focused, honest feedback.
  • Has limited time and feels more comfortable working one-on-one and in a confidential manner.

Choose Your 3D Focus

Develop focused content: Do you want strategies on how to organize content focused on key messages?
message-oriented slides: Do you need slides that help you get to the point—quickly and concisely?
with appropriate emotion: Do you want to connect with your audience, verbally and nonverbally, and engage them in a dialogue?

Success Story from the Executive Team

Sally: A new member of the executive team

“No one pays attention to me when I talk in the meetings. No one gives me the time to talk. They all interrupt each other all the time.”

Here’s what Sally changed as a result of my coaching:

Nonverbal behavior

  • Sally learned to sit up and command the space in the room. She opens her arms and leans forward when she talks.
  • After seeking the advice of a clothes consultant, Sally bought suits that showed authority, face-framing blouses and business-professional jewelry.

Verbal behavior

  • Sally learned assertiveness techniques, including the art of the gracious interruption.
  • She practiced giving a quick executive summary of her subject by using a 30-second formula: “I believe we can do this and here are two positive consequences…”

Coaching results

Now Sally demonstrates executive presence. Her audiences see her, listen to her and follow her recommendations. Sally’s coaching took place before her second board meeting. She said, “When I went to the board meeting I felt ready to engage the members. I didn’t feel intimidated!”

Success Story from the New President

Joe: The upcoming company president

“I am going to take over as president of this company in six months. The Board says I don’t look and sound like a president. They say I am really smart but need some polishing.”

Here’s what Joe changed as a result of my coaching:

Nonverbal behavior

  • After Joe saw himself on camera, slouching over in a Board meeting and barely looking at anyone when talking, he realized how detached and ill at ease he looked.
  • To improve his posture, Joe began using a stretch band and worked with a trainer at a gym.
  • To improve his connection with an audience, Joe practiced looking at specific people when talking.

Verbal behavior

  • Content: When he heard how he answered questions, Joe said, “I go on and on. I got myself into problems when they started questioning me about some details. I should have left those numbers out. They only confused everyone.” He learned to give an executive summary of the issues. He practiced answering questions in one or two succinct statements.
  • Feedback: A Board member told Joe, “I never liked to ask you questions as you went into so much detail I could not follow you. Now I enjoy engaging with you.”

Coaching results

Joe is comfortably moving into the president’s role. He says, “I wish someone had told me sooner about my ineffective communication habits. I had no idea.”