Meet Claudyne

Special Customized Projects

Wilder Presentations customizes and personalizes every consulting engagement to meet the client’s business objectives. Claudyne also works with other consultants and designers on specialized projects.

Emerging Leaders Programs

“The Teamwork”

Myself and my staff have been working with global emerging leader programs. I have put together PowerPoint examples of effective team presentations, taught two day workshops for global teams, coached them on their presentation slides after the workshop and served as a mentor as they prepare to present to upper management. They used TorchMetrics* before and after the workshop. Comments from this personalized and customized coaching include: “Thanks for your guidance and very valuable tips. Extremely useful!”  and “Wow! Thank you so much! I really appreciate this feedback on our presentation and I know the whole team will as well.”

*TorchMetrics is an innovative online coaching tool that provides presenters with honest feedback from their audience, highlights strengths and action-areas, and tracks improvement over time. Effectively it is your own personal speaking coach in the palm of your hand.

Individual Customizing

“The Earrings”

I’ve been known to give women my earrings and ask them to wear them for their next presentation. Everyone then remarks: “Oh, the earrings frame your face and we see your expressions better. What an amazing difference.”

Individual Customizing

“The PowerPoint Slides”

Sometimes I’ll redo a participant’s slides for the second day of the workshop. The presenter shows the before and the after slides. The other participants in the workshop usually remark, “You sounded so much more confident with the redone slides! You looked at us more and really did appear to know the information.”

Company Customizing

Fortune 500 Global Manufacturing Client

Designed a 6-day presentation workshop for 20 high-potential, multicultural leaders in Asia. My book Point, Click & Wow! The Habits and Techniques of Successful Presenters served as the starting point. Along with consultant Suzanne Enright, we created an interactive, hands-on workshop so participants could immediately apply what they learned.

Claudyne coached me so well on the content and how to deliver the workshop that my sessions received rave reviews with a score of 4.8 out of 5! No one could ever get bored in a Wilder Presentations “Get to the Message!” workshop. I will definitely bring Claudyne in again to work with me on the next communications program I design for leaders.
Suzanne Enright, President of Kensu Leadership Group


Consulted on structuring the content and designing five slide decks for a Financial Transformation Conference. Working with Kelly Ellis of Design Endeavors, we coached conference participants on powerfully and creatively getting across the conference theme as well as the key messages of each presentation.

Thank you both for your involvement with our presentations for the Finance conference. They were a smashing success! The conference was outstanding – everyone walked away with a clear vision for Finance Transformation. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. The presentations really hit the mark. I look forward to working with you again in the very near future.
Christine Hendrickson, Vice President, Finance Transformation, Sodexo

Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

Created a 1-day Forging Dialogues workshop for 70 physicians. This interactive workshop strengthened each physician’s ability to engage medical practitioners in substantive, concise communication. The physicians learned the value of a using an executive summary when going over clinical trials and research results. I also trained eight trainers to conduct each small group session where each physician practiced four different dialogues, received invaluable feedback from colleagues and a facilitator, and reviewed a DVD recording of four recorded dialogue practices.

Boston University

Spoke at the Go Get That Job! Job Hunting Skills for the New Economy event. I taught the students three skills: how to organize content using logically structured outlines, how to tell stories about their experiences and how to speak in a confident, enthusiastic, engaging manner. I also filmed one student practicing in front of all the other participants.

I thought your presentation was extraordinary and gave the attendees wonderful information that they don’t get to hear in other workshops we have had in the past. The exercises and interaction was most beneficial. It was wonderful to meet you. Your presentation skills are phenomenal!
Jen Salman, Program/Internship Coordinator, Boston University

City Year

Created a three-hour workshop for City Year executives. This workshop had three key messages: create logical executive summaries of your compelling data, use heartfelt student stories to capture emotion and rehearse enough to be comfortable with all your content. Fifteen workshop participants each practiced twice and received a DVD of the two presentations, including personal feedback from me and the participants.

Claudyne is masterful at her craft and has been a tremendous resource to City Year. Claudyne has been training our senior and high-potential leadership for the past two years and gets rave reviews from every class. There is a notable difference in the presentation skills of those who have gone through her workshop.
Mara Elich, Vice President, Organizational Development, City Year, Inc.