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Define Your Objective

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Recommend a strategy

This format is useful when you are presenting on ways to accomplish a particular project, goal or task. It allows you to systematically present potential strategies that the group needs to consider. Here is the structure:

  • State the objective.
  • State the present situation.
  • State the desired outcome.
  • State the potential strategies.
  • List the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.

Recommend one or more strategies and what to do next.

Identify potential problems

This format should be considered when you have made a decision to implement something new or when you are redirecting your efforts to a new orientation. You want to ferret out what could go wrong and suggest remedial action. Here is the structure:

  • State the goal.
  • List anticipated issues that may block achieving the goal.
  • Rate the seriousness of the issues.
  • State preventive and/or contingent actions.
  • Identify a prime mover and deadlines.

Introduce someone

If you are called upon to introduce someone try this format for an interesting introduction:

State the topic.

  • Tell why the topic is important to the audience.
  • Say three major things about the speaker. Mention only those accomplishments that will give the speaker credibility with that specific audience.
  • Tell what the speaker will do for the audience. Here is where you give your audience reasons to want to listen to the speaker.
  • Tell an engaging, interesting story about the presenter. Make it relevant to the audience and topic being discussed.

Introduce the speaker.

No matter which format you use or how you combine them, always have these ingredients in your presentation:

An Opening

Tell your audience the subject and, if appropriate, the objective of your talk.

An Agenda

These are the key areas you plan on covering. Don’t list more than five items on your visual. If your audience sees a list they may feel disheartened as they consider that they have to hear about all those topics.

Examples and Anecdotes

Share anecdotes, show pictures and use videoclips to add human interest.

A Conclusion

Repeat the key areas you covered.

Next Steps

Explain the steps you want or your audience to take.

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