Smile Appropriately

Aug 02, 2018 | 2

How much should you smile when presenting? This depends on the context of your talk. Don’t smile: If you are presenting some medical research on cancer treatments to a group of patients with cancer, it is not appropriate to smile many times except when you have good news to tell them about a particular treatment. Smile: If you are presenting the latest fantastic results about a new project and its benefits, then smile to show your excitement about the exceptional results. Smile sometimes: If you are presenting some positive results and some negative financial results, then smile when discussing the positive results. Don’t smile when explaining the reasons for the negative results. Women: Don’t smile too much. Audiences perceive a woman smiling all the time as less confident, more unsure or herself, and not as competent as someone who does not smile all the time.

So what is an authentic smile?

  1. Start in positive manner: Find a way to say something when you start that lets you smile.“I know this is a difficult subject, but there are some positive options available. I’m going to be sharing those options and hopefully get us smiling about them.”“I’m happy to report that sales are up 10% due to our new product. This is some of the positive news I can report to you.” “You look like an audience ready to go. Ready to go to work! And ready to listen to a quick, I promise, analysis of the next steps for this project. This will only take 30 minutes, not 60.”
  2. Include emotional words in your talk. “I’m excited to be with you today.” “This next number will get you smiling.” “I’m happy to be standing in front of you with mostly good news.”
  3. Show images that make people smile. This is a technique that works with some audiences. I remember a client who had the most gorgeous picture of him ziplining down a mountain. He showed that at some meetings and then said, “Today we are going to go down a zipline as we discuss the new product. I know we’re nervous about what to do next, so let’s jump off the mountain and get going.” Everyone smiled.
Smile when making positive comments. Plan those comments into your presentation. Use images if they are appropriate.


Before I present I go into the restroom, look at myself in the mirror, pat my face, and tell myself, “You are going to be great. You have practiced. Go have fun. Smile.” (When no one is around).

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