Look Poised and Confident

Jan 02, 2018 | 0

Do you want to have your audience on your side before you even speak? Then look the part of a confident, in-charge presenter: stand straight, shoulders are back and open, head is free, weight is balanced between both feet. How do you get that “executive presence” look? Your body needs to become it. Two yoga classes or two weight training classes a week will give you a more confident stance. People see you before you open your mouth. Start now to make sure your body looks the part. Learn more about this picture from Leland Vall who teaches the Alexander Technique. The head goes forward and up in relation to the torso which goes back and up.


Here’s the best way to really see if your slides’ content is organized, they look professional and help tell your story. Print all your slides, lay all of them out on a table and look at them. First, look at the content across the slides. Is the content organized or do you have the same ideas on many slides spread throughout the presentation? Second, look at the slide layouts. Are they varied or do you have 8 charts in a row, 6 different graphics in a row, only slides with text bullets and no graphics? Third, make sure you have engaging, informative titles that help you tell your story and emphasize your key messages. Professional-looking slides increase your delivery success in engaging your audience.

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