Stop Scuba Diving into Unnecessary Details

Your audience is smiling at you. You relax. You realize they are delighted you are not going to overwhelm them with details like the last speaker! You finally have figured out just the right amount of details to share.

If you are still concerned about the amount of details you present, start thinking about your content this way.

High-Level: You will give a high level overview of some of the information.

Skim Surface: You will skim the surface on some details you audience needs to know. For example, you will share certain key numbers.

Details: You will share the details (which I call scuba diving) only when they are essential to elaborate on your key messages.

Most people “scuba dive” into details without even thinking about their audience’s need to know.

The next time you are talking in a meeting or giving a formal presentation, keep asking yourself,

“Do I really need to tell them this?”

“Will this information help them make a decision or just confuse them?”

Be the person who shares the right level of details so you audience stays engaged and wants to hear more!

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