Use Your Will Power, Recuperate: Don’t Give Up

Recuperate and keep moving towards your goals and dreams, do not let obstacles stop you In a presentation when something unexpected occurs you can’t look at your audience and say, “Sorry, I’m having trouble as this is not what I planned. I just want to stop.” You must use your will power and go on like Nike’s motto, “Just do it.” Isn’t that what life is all about?

This came to me last night. I was on my way to a BUILD event in Boston. BUILD’s mission is to use entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged low-income students through high school to college success. All the 100 students in California went on to college!! They now have 100 youth in Boston who will create a product, build a business and sell the product—for real!! I printed the evite with the address as well as Google directions. My GPS did not have the address but I told myself, “No problem you have printed directions.” Well, one hour later (should have taken me 20 minutes) I am still driving around the street. So far I’ve asked directions from a porter at a hotel, a taxi driver, two policemen and three pedestrians. I was about ready to quit. This was not the evening I planned. Then I asked a bus driver. He says, “Follow me.” I do. Finally he stops the bus, gets out, points to the building and smiles. Best bus ride I ever had!!

I arrive just as the last the student presentation concludes. Frustration mounted and I felt like turning around and leaving. I’d already expended enough energy trying to get there. BUT I stayed and met some wonderful people with great ideas for a product I’m creating as well as learning more about BUILD. It was one of the best networking experiences I’ve had.

Remember, whatever situation you are in, you always have time to use your will power, recuperate and make it positive. Don’t let your unmet expectations that did not happen stop you from recuperating and finding ways to make the experience positive for you and for whoever is around you.

I’d love to hear an experience, where you used your will power, recuperated and made the experience a success.

“To assert your willpower is simply to make up your mind that you want something, and then refuse to be put off.” – Phillip Cooper

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