Talk to Yourself to Calm Your Nerves

“How You Self-Talk to Yourself Matters!!!”

People who referred to themselves as “you” or by their own names while silently talking to themselves in preparation for a five-minute speech were subsequently calmer and more confident and performed better on the talk than people who had referred to themselves as “I” or “me” (3.6 versus 3.2 on a combined five-point scale, in the view of judges), says a team led by Ethan Kross of the University of Michigan. The research participants who talked to themselves in the second or third person also felt less shame afterward. By distancing us from ourselves, the use of the second and third person in internal monologues enables us to better regulate our emotions, the researchers say.

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“Effective speaking is more of a subtraction process than an additive process. It’s more about subtracting the things that are getting in our way of connecting with the audience. Things like busy hands, excessive movement, or a monotone voice”

-Bill Gove via Steve Siebold

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