Seize the Opportunity

I almost did not seize this opportunity. Several years ago I received a request for a proposal from a Fortune 100 company. In my mind I heard the advice, “You can’t respond to this. You are a sole proprietor. You don’t have consultants all around the country to teach your Get to the Message workshop.”

I called a colleague who had a bigger company and we discussed working together…BUT she told she wanted 1) to bill the company through her business; 2) to have me train her people for free; 3) to see my materials as she did not know what they were like; and 4) to take half the profits. By the time she finished giving me her requirements, I was livid. I hung up and in anger decided to respond on my own. I told myself, “If I am selected, it will be because of my company.”

I was motivated to seize the opportunity by someone talking to me in a very condescending manner. This was a gigantic blessing I realized much later. After the written proposal and the 2 hour presentation, my company Wilder Presentations was selected as their vendor of choice. Now we teach 15-20 classes every year for them around the country using consultants I have trained. In this situation I confess I only seized the opportunity after being put down and feeling very angry.

A year ago I received another request for a proposal from a Fortune 500 company. In my mind I heard, “Are you crazy? You don’t have consultants around the world. You can’t meet their requirements.” This time I decided that I would put in a proposal even if the odds did not seem in my favor. I was asked to come and give a presentation. My company Wilder Presentations was selected as one of their communication and presentation executive coaches. In this situation I seized the opportunity, even when the odds seemed very much against me. I did not have to get angry. I had moved to the next stage of “Going For It!” The saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” gave me the courage to put myself in the selection process.

Now I coach myself every week: “What dreams do you have and are you seizing the opportunities that will help you manifest them?” Take some actions today. Don’t prejudge a person or a company that can help you. Don’t wait until you feel irritated about not taking any actions. Make your plan and go for it.

So I wonder with you. What helps you seize the opportunities that may be around the corner or perhaps right in front of you? How can you grab them and immerse yourself in the possibilities?

PS: For those of you who need more presentation practice…what presentation opportunities can you seize?

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